The Project & The Illustrators

Girl Scout Silver Award

The Girl Scout Silver Award is the highest award a Girl Scout Cadette may earn. The award is the result of the scout identifying issues they care about in their community and then taking action and creating and developing a project that makes a difference.

Girl Scout Songbook Silver Award Project

This songbook was started in the November of 2020. First the songs were selected by going through previous songbooks and by memory of participants of the scouts of the troop. Then artwork was made for each song by wonderful artists who volunteered. Finally, this website was created to illustrate the camp songs with original artwork.

The Artists




About Me

I am a Cadette Girl Scout in California. I joined Girl Scouts in Kindergarten and have been a scout for 9 years. I have always loved singing camp songs. At Two Sentinels Girl Scout Camp, I saw my first song book “The Collection of Camp Songs of Two Sentinels” complied with love and obsession by Fondue. It immediately became one of my most precious belongings. I bookmarked my favorite songs and sang with my entire family. I shared my love for camp songs with my classmates and the scouts back home. When I grew up, I realized that some of the songs lyrics were not what I thought they were, and that is how I came up with the idea of illustrating the songs. I asked for advice from my school music teacher and my voice instructor. I also spoke with other scouts about their favorite songs. I learned about project planning, asking for help, accepting advice, how to communicate my ideas, as well as, digital art and website design. I hope that scouts will visit this site and see the illustrations and learn more about the lyrics to their favorite songs and maybe learn a new song, too!

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